7 Tips for Registering Your Car for TV Work

MAY 28, 2020
Background Actors with their cars on Good Girls
Background Actors with their cars on Good Girls (NBC)

There are many ways to get booked by Central Casting, including getting cast as a Background Actor or Stand-In and by registering your car for TV work. Check out these tips for how to get your car on the set of a movie or TV show when production resumes.

1. Register with Central Casting

Even if registering your car for TV work is your ultimate goal, you will still have to register yourself with Central Casting. When we book cars for our projects, we don’t book the car itself, but the person with the car. The first step is to register at one of our Los Angeles, New York, Georgia, or Louisiana offices. Once registered, you can submit for roles and get booked with your car on movies, TV shows, and many other types of productions.

2. Know the types of cars we cast

Whether your car is a 1967 Mustang in mint condition or an Accord from 2000 that’s seen better days, there’s a chance you can get booked with it. Central Casting casts productions in all time periods and for a variety of settings, so you never know when your car may be exactly what the Casting Director is looking for.

While car is the umbrella term, we do cast all kinds of vehicles, like trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles, from classic to current years. Productions may differ on what they’re looking for, but generally “current” means anything from the past 5-7 years.

Classic cars on Lethal Weapon
Classic cars on Lethal Weapon (FOX)

3. There are some colors that don’t get booked

Generally, we don’t cast red, white, or black cars. Depending on the project, there may be other colors the Casting Director can’t use. Some colors can’t be booked because they don’t show up well on camera or because they stand out too much. In some cases, the Casting Director may also be trying to distinguish from the principal’s car color. So don’t worry if a certain Casting Director never wants blue cars, it could just be that the main character has a similar car.

4. Always read the casting notice completely

As with any role you’re trying to book with Central Casting, it’s extremely important to read the entire job post before submitting. Casting Directors will leave a description of what they’re looking for, like specs on make, model, year, color, and condition. If they’re looking for something specific that your car doesn’t fit, check other job posts for casting opportunities.

You can find all the roles we’re currently casting for on the job posts section of the Talent page.

5. Know what’s expected before accepting the job

Casting Directors may book you to drive your car, be a Background Actor in a scene with your car, or you may be in Holding while your car is stationary on set. You should be confident in your driving ability if asked to drive in a scene. If you’re not comfortable driving in a scene or if you want to know what will be expected of you on set, ask the Casting Director what the role entails before you accept the job.

Cars on Superstore
Get cast by registering your car for TV work

6. Have photos of your car ready to submit

When you submit your car, you’ll often be asked to send a photo of it in a submission email. It’s a good idea to have photos of your car on your phone to send in when you find a job you want to submit for. Like the selfies you submit to Casting Directors, these emailed submission photos will not be added to your file. If you want a photo of your car added to your file, you can submit one to your Central Casting office. The process is different in each location, so be sure to read through your location’s Updates FAQs to find out how to add photos of your car.

Whether you’re submitting through email or adding a photo to your file, make sure the picture you send is good quality and clearly shows the car.

7. Make sure your insurance is current

In order to be cast in our productions, you will need to show proof that the car you are working with is insured. Have a copy ready to send to the Casting Director when you are booked.

Now that you know about registering your car for TV work, the next step is to learn how to get booked. Keep an eye out for a text message from a Casting Director or you can look through job posts to submit yourself.

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By Meghan Dubitsky

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