5 Things to Consider When Adding Additional Photos

JUNE 11, 2018
Take a new headshot during Updates
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One of the ways Casting Directors determine if you’re the right fit for a role is through your casting photo. After you fill out your paperwork at registration, you’ll get a headshot and a full body photo taken in our photo room. These will become your main casting photos. Did you know you can add additional photos to your file? Here’s what you need to consider when adding photos.

Has your look changed?

Since your casting photo is one of the main ways Casting Directors decide if you fit a role, it’s important for your picture to be an accurate reflection of what you look like now. Any time your look changes, you should come in to update your photo. So if you’ve cut your hair, dyed your hair, or if any other part of your appearance has changed, come into an Updates session to take a new headshot.

If your look has changed and you haven’t come in to update your photo, be sure to tell the Casting Director what has changed and have a recent selfie ready to send if they ask for one. Remember, Casting Directors have specific look requirements when casting their scenes, if you don’t inform them your look has changed, then you risk showing up to set for a role you don’t fit.

Has it been awhile since you came to Updates?

Another way to ensure your headshot is an accurate reflection of what you look like is to update it every six months. Even if your look hasn’t changed, updating your photo lets Casting Directors know that you are active and looking for work.

While you may not drastically change your look, all of our looks do evolve over time. So even if you don’t think you’ve made any changes that warrant an updated headshot, you should still make sure you have a current photo on file.

Do you have multiple looks?

Can you easily switch between looks? Do you change your look often? You can add additional photos to your file to accompany your main casting photo.

For example, do you frequently switch between having a beard and being clean shaven? If you want to be cast with both looks, you can take a headshot at Updates with and without facial hair. Just be sure to tell the Casting Director what your current look is when you submit.

A good rule of thumb when adding additional photos is to add distinct and unique looks. Adding a photo of you in a casual and a business look gives Casting Directors an idea of what you look like on both ends of the spectrum. If you choose to add these looks to your file, you only need to add one of each. If Casting Directors need to see you in different wardrobe from that look, they will likely ask you to send a current selfie with your submission.

Do you have special wardrobe?

Part of your responsibility as a Background Actor is bringing your own wardrobe to set. Sometimes these outfits will be the modern clothes you wear every day and sometimes you’ll be asked to bring in specialty styles or costumes.

Can you pull off a homeless look? Moonlight as Elvis? Have army gear? Adding photos of yourself in specialty wardrobe not only shows Casting Directors that you can portray a role, but that you own and have access to the required wardrobe. Remember, only add photos of yourself in wardrobe that you own. If you’re cast with specific wardrobe, Casting Directors expect you to show up to set in those clothes.

Do you have a car you want to work with?

Central Casting often books Background Actors to work with their cars on movies and TV shows. No matter what make, model, or condition your car is in, there’s a chance you can get cast with it. If you didn’t include your car information when you registered, you can add it to your file during Updates. The process of adding a photo of your car to your file is different in each office, so be sure to read through your location’s Updates FAQs before submitting.

For more information on adding a car to your file, check out our article 7 Tips for Registering Your Car for TV Work.

Ready to come in to add additional photos? Check out your location’s calendar for Updates sessions in your office.

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By Meghan Dubitsky

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