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3 Essential Makeup Tips for Background Actors

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Part of being a Background Actor is putting together your own on camera looks, which often means getting your own wardrobe and doing your own hair and make-up. Here are some essential tips for doing your make-up that will help you shine on screen.

1. Be clear on the role you’re playing

The first step to getting the perfect on set look is to understand the role you’re playing. Are you a restaurant patron at a brunch in Los Angeles? A lawyer at a prestigious New York law firm? There are a lot of factors that go in to your make-up look.

Once you know your role, it’s important to look at any make-up information given to you from production. Sometimes, you’ll be given specific make-up instructions and others you will have more room to inject your personal style. Though remember, your look should always reflect the role and the setting the scene takes place, so it’s a good idea to do some research beforehand so you can correctly emulate the look.

2. Have the right tools

Before you can start creating the make-up look you want, you need to make sure you have all the right tools. A brush kit is essential; we recommend getting at least a twelve-brush set that includes a foundation brush, bronzer brush, concealer brush, eye shadow brush, blending eye brush, and a brow wand. You can find sets of these on the affordable end for under $20 or professional level sets that can cost over a hundred dollars. It would also be a great idea to get these in a travel case so you can take them with you to set for necessary touch ups.

Mega Looks Cosmetics has a $15.99 12-brush set with a pink travel case available online or in one of our 50 stores nationwide. If you’re looking for a complete professional set, we have customizable options that start at $125 with an included lockable case.

3. Stock up on basics

As a Background Actor, you’re likely to play widely different roles throughout your career. One day you’re a high school teacher and the next a small-town detective. Instead of planning for individual looks, you should stock up on basic supplies that you can use for a variety of occasions.

A must have for any make-up repertoire is a good foundation. You can choose something with sheer, partial, medium, or full coverage. Some even prefer a tinted moisturizer like a cc or bb cream. When picking a foundation, it’s important to test it on your jawline to see how it matches your neck. Your foundation should essentially disappear; you don’t want a visible line between your jawline and your neck. If you can’t find the right shade or are torn between two options, pick the lighter shade. You can always deepen a color with bronzer or blush. It’s difficult to make a darker tone lighter.