Kids Sign Up for On Location Background Casting

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Central Casting signs up babies from 15 days old to teenagers 17 years old to work as Background Actors and doubles in movies, TV shows, and other productions. Complete these steps so you can get your minor booked on movies and TV shows.


Complete online application

Begin the onboarding process by filling out your minor’s online application. This information is used to create their online profile, which Casting Directors use to determine the types of roles they can portray.

Begin online application
(For those available to work in Florida only)

All mandatory fields within the application are denoted with a red asterisk; these fields must be filled out, including the Wardrobe section.

Illustration of a computer uploading files.

Illustration of a computer uploading photos.

Upload photos

After filling out the online application, you must upload a current headshot and full body shot of your minor for their online profile. These are the pictures Casting Directors use when considering them for roles.

Pictures should reflect your minor’s current look, only feature them, be taken in good lighting against a solid background, and be unedited and unfiltered.


Sign forms

After completing your minor’s online application and uploading their photos, we will email you two forms to sign. Please complete these and send back promptly so we can begin considering your minor for roles.

Illustration of a computer uploading a signed document.

Sign Up FAQs

What is a Background Actor?

A Background Actor is someone who performs in a show in a nonspeaking role, usually in the background of scenes. If you’re looking into how to get your child into acting, registering them as a Background Actor is a great way to get them on set experience.

What is a double?

Doubles are people who look enough like a principal actor that they can replace them when the actor’s face does not appear on camera. Since there are strict laws regarding how long a minor can work, productions often employ minor doubles so they can continue filming when the principal minor is no longer available.

Do I need to complete my minor’s online application before they can work?

Yes, your minor’s online application must be completed, including uploading a photo and signing forms, before we can consider them for background work. Remember, the more thourough and accurate you are when filling out their application, the easier it is for Casting Directors to determine the types of roles they can portray.

Once my minor is registered, how do I find them work?

Please visit our Kids Talent page to learn more about responding to availability inquiries, submitting for work, and everything you need to know about working with Central Casting.

What if my minor is already registered with Central Casting Los Angeles, New York, Georgia, or Louisiana?

If you have completed Talent Onboarding with one of our offices, you must also complete this sign up process to be considered for roles in this region.