Help Your Kids Work on TV in 2021

JANUARY 11, 2021
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With the new year comes the opportunity for your kids to work on TV and in movies as Background Actors and doubles. Now is the perfect time to make sure you have everything you need to help your minor get booked by Central Casting.

Claim or update your child’s online profile

You can now view and update your minor’s profile using our new online self-service platform. First you must claim their profile by selecting “log in” on our website menu, then choosing the “claim profile” option. Once claimed, you will be able to update your child’s appearance, availability, photos, and other information.

As you know, kids can grow quickly and their sizes change constantly. When booking minors, it’s important to have their correct sizes, especially when casting doubles or when production provides wardrobe. Be sure to check your minor’s profile to ensure their sizes and appearance details are correct so Casting Directors have the information they need to book them.

Any time you update your child’s sizes it’s also a good idea to take new photos of what they look like right now. Photos don’t need to be professional, but should be well-lit and clear, not include other people or touch ups, and (if possible) be taken against a white background. You can upload your child’s photos in the “photographs” section of their profile.

Our Profile Management page has helpful resources and how-to videos to get you started in our online self-service platform.

Be aware of changes to working on set

By now you probably know that COVID-19 testing is part of the casting process. When your minor is booked, they must be accompanied to set by a parent or guardian who is not also booked on the production. Both the child and guardian who will accompany them to set will need to be tested and that same guardian will need to be with them throughout their booking. Be sure to pay close attention to casting messages and job posts so you are aware of the days you and your minor will need to be available for the booking.

You may also find that you and your minor will interact less with wardrobe, hair, makeup, and other departments on set. Please pay close attention to your child’s booking details so you can help them arrive to set as expected.

Update work permits

Is your child’s permit up to date? To be booked by Central Casting, your minor will need a valid entertainment work permit issued by your state. Each state has its own protocols around work permits; please see our permit guide for more information on obtaining a work permit for your minor.

California and New York

The State of California and the State of New York have passed laws aimed at preventing harassment. Part of these new laws requires employers to provide anti-harassment training to its employees. In California, employees will need to take the training every two years. In New York, employees will need to take the training every year.

Minors must also take the training to be eligible to be booked. Parents or legal guardians of minors age 13 and younger should take the training in place of the minor. By taking the training in place of a minor age 13 or younger, the parent or legal guardian is certifying that they have completed the training and will explain the material to the minor. Minors age 14 and above need to take the training themselves to remain active and eligible to be booked.

If your child is registered in California or New York and has not completed anti-harassment training, they will not be eligible to be booked by Central Casting. They can become eligible to be booked again by completing the required training. If they have not received an email invitation, please contact technical support at or 855.500.2055.

There’s a lot to know about being booked and finding opportunities for your kids to work on TV. Be sure to check out the Kids category of our Articles for all the information you need to help them be successful.

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By Meghan Dubitsky

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