Georgia Talent Onboarding

Are you interested in becoming a Background Actor? If you would like to sign up with Central Casting, please follow these instructions:

Step 1

Download form packet:


Download and print the form packet. Please read each form carefully, fill out the necessary fields, and sign where indicated. Forms must be filled out by hand and include a wet signature (not a digital or e-signature).

Please complete your forms using either blue or black ink; do not to use red ink as this is not allowed on certain government forms in the talent onboarding packet. When you have completed all forms that can be completed in advance of your individual onboarding session, you will get to a page that directs you to stop. Do not fill out anything beyond this page as these forms need to be done in your Zoom onboarding session by your personal associate (family member, friend, neighbor, or other associate age 18 or over) in the presence and direction of our talent onboarding staff. At the time of your appointment, this person must be physically present with you and appear with you on your Zoom call.

A personal associate is needed for federal compliance for both adults and minors. It is a requirement regardless of age.

If using a public printing service, we advise printing two copies of both the Age Verification Form and the Form I-9 Employer Page (Section 2). These documents will be completed by your personal associate during a Zoom video session. We are unable to accept these forms with mistakes, so in case any errors are made, we recommend having an additional copy available so Central Casting can still onboard you.

If the person being onboarded with Central Casting is a minor, the law requires the parent/legal guardian to complete the Form I-9 Employee Page (Section 1). A personal associate (age 18+) separate from the parent/legal guardian who completed the Employee Page (Section 1) will be needed to complete the Employer page (Section 2) during the Zoom video session. A single individual cannot complete both the Employee and Employer pages of Form I-9.

Once the packet is completed, either scan or take a clear photo of each form and upload on our website at the link below. Please review each form before submitting. Incorrect and incomplete forms can cause a delay in your onboarding.

Step 2

Take a photo or scan your required documentation.
(You will also need to have the original document/s with you in your Zoom onboarding session.)

In accordance with federal law, a Form I-9 will be completed during Talent Onboarding. All talent will need to present the documentation necessary for the form to be completed. Central Casting cannot onboard/employ any talent who does not have their original I-9 documentation. If the document is a U.S. passport, as an E-Verify participant, we are required to have a copy of the “passport page” and a copy of the bar code page at the back of the passport. If the document is a permanent resident card (I-551) or is an employment authorization card (I-766) then as an E-Verify participant Central Casting is required to have a copy of both the front and the back of the card.

The identity and documentation for the Form I-9 of every potential registrant will be verified before attending a Talent Onboarding session.

For more information about the government issued Form I-9 please see the Sign Up page.

Step 3

Upload forms and documentation

Once you upload your completed forms and documentation, you will see a confirmation page with more information on how to reserve your Zoom Talent Onboarding session.

Documents must be uploaded prior to making your Zoom Talent Onboarding reservation and at least 24 hours in advance. We cannot register you without your completed forms, required documentation, and personal associate.

Please note: you are not eligible to be booked by Central Casting until you have completed Talent Onboarding and we have verified your eligibility in your Zoom Onboarding Session.