Exciting Projects Filming in Louisiana

APRIL 5, 2018

It’s an exciting time for Background Actors in NOLA! Central Casting’s Adam Hochfeld has all the news on projects we are casting that are filming in Louisiana.


Greyhound is a World War II drama starring Tom Hanks shooting in Baton Rouge. Central Casting is looking for men (18+) who appear to be in their 20s-30s to portray military officers and men and women of all types to portray civilians. This film is set in the 1940s, so modern looks like unnatural hair color, contemporary piercings, and full beards do not fit the time period.


Tom Hardy stars as Al Capone in the 1940s drama Fonzo. Filming in Louisiana began April 2 and will shoot in and around New Orleans. Currently casting Italian looking men and women with 1940s looks to play family members, including Italian and Italian American looking children (6+). Keep an eye on our job posts for more categories as filming gets underway.

The Dirt

The Dirt is a 1980s biopic about the band Motley Crue and is currently shooting in New Orleans. Casting Directors are looking for all types to portray groupies, roadies, security, party goers, and fans. Brush up on your 80s looks before heading to set!

For Love

For Love is an ABC pilot about a journalist who gets a phone call from her fiancé five years after he was killed. The series is set in present day and is filming in the New Orleans area. Looking for men and women of all ethnicities to portray a variety of roles. Stay tuned to our job posts for updates on what we’re casting as filming for the pilot wraps up.

“We’re also starting prep now on all our projects coming out this summer and late spring,” Adam said. “So, get into our office, register, and we’ll get you out to set.”

Want to work as a Background Actor on these and upcoming projects filming in Louisiana? Register at our New Orleans office and check the job posts on our Talent page for all the latest roles we’re casting.

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By Adam Hochfeld

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