Everything You Need to Know About Central Casting Texting

MARCH 12, 2018
Central Casting texting

Last year we debuted our Central Casting texting system, which allows Casting Directors to text Background Actors directly. Since then, we’ve added some exciting additional features. Be sure to read through this guide before answering your next text message from Central Casting.

Central Casting texting basics

Our Central Casting texting system allows Casting Directors to text Background Actors to check availability, ask questions, and send details. You’ll know a text message came from Central Casting if it has your name, the project name, and all replies appear in the same thread.

The system is designed to only accept a “Yes” or “No” response. If you reply with anything other than “Yes” or “No” you will receive an auto response saying your message did not go through. If you have questions about the text message or need to speak with the Casting Director who sent it, you need to call your office’s main line.

SMS messaging is one of the many tools Casting Directors use to book their shows. The Talent page has job posts and frequently asked questions on the various ways you can find work through Central Casting.

Checking availability

Often, the first text message you receive in a conversation with a Casting Director will be an availability message. You’ll notice all availability messages contain the phrase “without time restrictions.” This means that you must be available the entire day, or for the full date range, in order to confirm you’re available for that role. Remember, if you reply “Yes,” you are only confirming your availability, you are not booked unless you accept an offer for work and receive details.

Casting Directors can also add the role you are being considered for and give additional information about the booking, like if it’s a night shoot or where the shoot location is.

You can, and should, reply to every text message you receive. If you receive multiple availability inquires for the same day, you can say yes to all of them. A Casting Director who can use you will offer you a specific job, and if you accept, it is your responsibility not to become double booked. So if you are booked on a project and receive a second set of details, you must contact the Casting Director and let them know about the conflicts.

Follow up questions

Another feature of the Central Casting texting system is the ability for Casting Directors to send Background Actors follow up questions via text message. If the shoot date changes or if you’re required to have a certain type of wardrobe, those questions will show up in the same message thread.

It’s important to note that you can only respond to the last message you received. If a Casting Director sends you a follow up question asking if you own a specific costume, you can only reply to the question about the costume. If you need to change your initial response regarding availability, you will need to call the Casting Director.

Details messaging

Casting Directors have the option of sending Background Actors booking details through the Central Casting texting system. If you are booked, your details message will include a link to the Details page of our website, a show name, and a 4-digit passcode. Please review all materials given to make sure you arrive to set as expected. You will be asked to respond “Yes” to confirm you received that details message. Casting Directors are watching to see if you have your details, so please reply promptly. Our article It’s All in the Details has all the information you need on our Details Blog procedure.

If you do receive details, you may not cancel via text message. You must call your Central Casting office and follow the appropriate steps if you need to cancel.

Are you a T-Mobile customer? T-Mobile has released a feature that allows their customers to “opt-out” of business messages. In order to receive text messages from Central Casting, T-Mobile users will need to contact T-Mobile support at 800.866.2453 and ask for this feature to be turned off. Once the opt-out is removed, you will be able to receive messages from Central Casting.

For more information on texting with Central Casting, read through our SMS texting FAQs.

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