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Educational Resources on COVID-19

Note to Background Actors: These are optional resources to review if you wish. Please support the motion picture industry and help stop the spread of COVID-19.

When appropriate, we will update this page as state, local and federal public health guidelines change. Keep in mind that this is general educational information and productions will have their own safety protocols.

Before submitting for jobs or reporting to set, please be sure to self-screen for symptoms consistent with COVID-19. If you have been booked and are experiencing any symptom of COVID-19, please call Central Casting to cancel immediately.

Central Casting COVID Self-Report guidlines


Social Distancing: What It Is and Why It’s Important

Prevent COVID-19: Wear a Cloth Face Covering

Contact Tracing

Preventing COVID-19 in your workplace


If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and have been booked for a role, call Central Casting to cancel immediately and do not report to set.
Please do not submit for jobs or go to set if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.
Please follow the CDC guidelines. If you have been within 6 feet of someone for 15 minutes or longer who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 (or has exhibited multiple symptoms of COVID-19) within 48 hours before the onset of his/her symptoms, do not report to set and call your Central Casting office.
Avoiding carpool and group travel is a good idea. If unavoidable, wear a face mask.
Some productions may require this, but we will inform you ahead of time if that is the case.
Productions will have their own safety procedures that they will want you to follow. Productions will provide you their safety procedures when you arrive to set.
Many productions will require a health screening upon arrival to set. Thus, if you are symptomatic, you should stay home and contact Central Casting to cancel.
Similar to other circumstances when you are dismissed from set early, please leave the set then contact