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Variety - October 18, 2016
Entertainment Partners' Central Casting Unit Changes With the Times

TMZ - Gang Member Types Answer the Call… - July 28, 2016
Central Casting Los Angeles holds large casting call for people to portray members of LA street gangs

KPCC's The Frame – January 7, 2016
Central Casting celebrates 90 years of placing background actors

Backstage - December 30, 2015
Central Casting Celebrates 90 Years

Los Angeles Times - December 4, 2015
Friday is an extra-special day for Central Casting: It's turning 90

Central Casting Opens Office in Louisiana – September 23, 2014
Serving New Orleans and Baton Rouge

blogdowntown - April 24, 2012
'Southland' honored for hiring homeboys

CBS Sunday Morning - February 26, 2012
Central Casting Segment on CBS News Sunday Morning

BBC "E24" - June 20, 2009
Correspondent Peter Bowes visits Central Casting for a look at how the background casting process works. Jump ahead to 6 minutes, 30 seconds in the video for the segment.

CNBC - June 19, 2009
Boom Times At Central Casting

CNBC Correspondent Jane Wells stopped by the legendary Central Casting to find a standing-room-only crowd.

National Public Radio (NPR)
"Morning Edition" - June 3, 2009
In Hollywood, Too Many Extras

NPR paid a recent visit to Central Casting to talk with staff and registrants about the economy and its impact on the background acting world.

Good Morning America - May 11, 2009
Need Money? Be An Extra or a Nude Model

Casting Director Todd Feldman from the Central Casting New York office answers questions about recent trends in registration.

ReelzChannel.com - July 8, 2008
The “Dailies” show highlights Central Casting’s registration process.

Telemundo - January 22, 2008
Central Casting en Español!

Central Casting featured on Spanish language network Telemundo.

National Public Radio (NPR) - December 10, 2006
Calling All Corpses: Dead Popular on Prime Time

The number of corpses on prime time television is on the rise -- and it presents a challege for TV's casting directors.

BBC News August 2006
Joining Hollywood's Extras Queue

Journalist David Willis is taking six months off from the BBC to try to make it as an actor in Hollywood. In his latest diary entry he contemplates the world of the extra.