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When the director yells ‘Action!’ where will you be? At home watching the behind-the-scene extras on DVD? Or on the set, in the scene and part of the action? Central Casting puts you in the picture, hiring thousands of background actors every day for all of your favorite shows, giving you the best chance to get on set and on screen. Explore this site to learn how to register with Central Casting and enter the exciting world of background acting today.


  • Personal Health Benefits
    Central Casting Background Actors and Production Worker Employees now have access to Personal Health Benefits! Click here for details.

  • Central Casting YouTube Channel
    You can now find the Central Casting YouTube Channel by clicking the “Subscribe” button on the left. Once on our channel, simply click “Subscribe” at the top, log into your YouTube account, if necessary, then stay tuned for more videos!

  • Anti-Piracy/Confidentiality Policy Announcement
    Effective Immediately: We must have a signed Anti-Piracy/Confidentiality Policy Form on file for all background booked by Central Casting. Please download the form, read it carefully,  sign that you acknowledge that you have reviewed, understand and will comply with this policy and deliver the form to Central Casting as soon as possible. You can hand deliver the form to the Central Casting office, you can mail the form to Central Casting at 220 S. Flower St. Burbank, CA 91502 or you can scan and email the form to  If you are unable to download the form you can come to the Central Casting office Monday through Friday from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm to fill one out. Thank you.