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When the director yells 'Action!' where will you be? Will you be at home watching background talent on your favorite show or will you be on the set, in the scene, and part of the action? Central Casting puts you in the picture. We hire thousands of background actors every day for all of your favorite shows. We give you the best chance to get on set and on screen. Explore this site to learn how to register with Central Casting and enter the exciting world of background acting today.



Please note we are no longer issuing user names and passwords for Casting Networks.

  • Central Casting New York Announcement:
    New York City Earned Sick Time Act
    Starting April 1, 2014 or on your first day of employment, whichever is later, a background employee begins accruing sick leave.  For further information please refer to the New York Sick Time Notice which may be found under the Registration tab

  • Newly Registered Background Actors
    Your welcome packet is now accessible online.

  • Personal Health Benefits
    Central Casting background actors and production worker employees now have access to Personal Health Benefits.