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Registration - Adults (age 18 and over)

Registering with Central Casting is easy!

If you have never registered with Central Casting and are interested in becoming part of the Central Casting family you must register in person here at Central Casting during the designated registration times.

Below are the days and times we will be conducting all new union and non-union background actor orientation/registration:

Mondays: 9:10AM
Wednesdays: 9:10AM
Fridays: 9:10AM

The line for orientation and registration begins outside. We recommend wearing sun screen or protective clothing while waiting in line. Upon arrival, stand in the next available square in numerical order. Each individual must be present in their own square, squares cannot be reserved. Ensure that there is never more than 1 person in each square.

We will have some waitlist squares at the end of the line. Once they have been filled, our capacity and waitlist are full and we will not be accepting further registrants for that day.

Those in waitlist squares will be admitted only if someone in a non-waitlist square ahead does not have with them the necessary documentation to register.

Orientation/Registration lasts 3.5 -4.5 hours. We will not be able to admit anyone arriving after we have already reached class capacity or anyone arriving after the orientation has already begun.

In order to ensure you get the attention you deserve, we are limiting the number of registrants that will register each registration orientation. We are not able to accommodate everyone. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to register everyone in line. Once the room is filled to our allotted capacity we cannot allow any additional registrants. Upon entering Central Casting for registration, you will receive a card with the Central Casting logo on it if you are admitted. Please hold on to the card as you will need it to complete registration.

Included with Registration is an Orientation explaining background work.  The Orientation/Registration process begins promptly at 9:10AM. (Please plan to arrive early).  Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate guests, minors or pets during this time.

Each talent will be photographed before completing registration.

We are located at:
220 S. Flower St.
Burbank, CA 91502
(Between Olive and Alameda)
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*Note:  STREET PARKING ONLY - if you park in any business parking lot, you may be towed at your own expense.

From our website, you can download our registration materials. If you do not have the forms with you, we will provide them for you.  Do not fill them out in advance, the orientation will go over them in detail.

Please review the lists of required documentation to accompany the I-9 form and be sure to bring the required documents with you to your Orientation/Registration.  If you do not have the proper documentation we cannot register you.  You will find further information and a lists of required documentation under list of required documentation.

SAG-AFTRA members will need to bring with them their current SAG-AFTRA card/receipt issued by SAG-AFTRA.

Central Casting is a participant in the E-Verify program. We will provide the Social Security Administration (SSA) and, if necessary, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with information from each new employee's I-9 form to confirm employment authorization.  Note:  If the government cannot confirm that you are authorized to work, we are required to provide you with written instructions and an opportunity to contact the SSA and/or DHS before taking adverse action against you, including terminating your employment.

We thank you for your interest in Central Casting.

Registration with Central Casting is a privilege, NOT a right.  We reserve the right to refuse registration to anyone.


Photo Updates
Additional Photos
Changing Status from Non-Union to SAG-AFTRA
File Changes
Employment Authorization Cards

Photo Updates

All Photo Updates will be taken during Re-Registration. You may update your photo as often as you like. We recommend that you update at least every six months to a year to let the casting directors know that you are still in town and interested in working. You should also update your photo whenever your look changes so that we always have a current picture of what you look like. Always bring your identification with you and be prepared to update your I-9, if necessary. Please be sure to review the list of required documentation and instructions for completing the I-9 form and be sure to bring the required documents with you.


Background Actors must re-register every four years to continue to be eligible to be hired to work by Central Casting on our productions.

Re-registration includes a mandatory presentation that all re-registrants need to attend, it is offered on Tuesdays at 10:30am and 11:30am and on Thursdays at 10:30am and 11:30am. We may not be able to accommodate everyone at every presentation. Once the room is filled to our allotted capacity we cannot allow any additional persons inside. The Re-registration presentations will begin promptly at 10:30am and 11:30am. If you arrive late or the room has already been filled to the allotted capacity by the time you arrive, you will be asked to attend the next available Re-registration. Re-registration, including the mandatory presentation, could take up to 4 hours. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate guests, minors, or pets during this time.

When re-registering you must bring all identification documents required of first time registrants.  Please review the list of required documentation and be sure to bring the required documents with you.  Re-registrants will fill out all new Registration Forms located on the Resources page. SAG-AFTRA members will need to bring with them their current SAG-AFTRA card/receipt issued by SAG-AFTRA. 

Additional Photos

A digital photo of you will be taken in our office when you come in to register. If you would like to submit additional photos to be added to your profile, simply bring the photos to the Central Casting office at the designated times. Our designated time to submit hard copies of your additional pictures is during Re-Registration. You may take an additional photo in our office during our re-registration and update times. A Central Casting Representative will review each photo and only those deemed beneficial to your profile will be added. Some great examples of beneficial additional photos are; photos of you in wardrobe representing completely different looks that are commonly booked (ie; Business, Formal, Bathing Suit), unique or rare vehicles or motorcycles that you own, pets that you are willing to work with, and photos of you in commonly booked costumes that you own (ie; clown or Santa Claus). Pet Photos must be submitted, we cannot take any photos of pets at the office. Unfortunately, only hard copies of photos will be accepted. We cannot accept discs, CD's, or memory sticks. Photos submitted will not be returned. Photos taken by us in our Photo Room during re-registration hours will be added to your file immediately, physical submissions may take 3 to 6 weeks to be added. If your file is inactive we will not be able to add additional photos to your file. If you have any questions regarding our additional photo policy, please contact us at 818-562-2700.

Changing Status from Non-Union to SAG-AFTRA

When changing your status from non-union to SAG-AFTRA, you must present your identification along with your current SAG-AFTRA card or receipt issued by SAG-AFTRA and fill out a data change form.  You can change your status during Re-Registration.  If your status changes and you are inactive, you will be required to come in and re-register.

File Changes

Your database file information should always be up-to-date and correct. If you would like to update or change any information you can do so during Re-Registration. 

Employment Authorization Cards

We are unable to register you if you are being sponsored by another company.

Additional information is available by calling 818-562-2755.

If you have any questions regarding registering with Central Casting you can call 818-562-2912, leave a message and someone will call you back as soon as possible.