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Once you are registered:

YOU check for work by calling:
Men (818) 260-6120
Women (818) 260-6130

Tape Information Access Line
EVERYONE (818) 562-2966
(Call this number ONLY after you have been booked on a show)

HAVE PEN & PAPER READY AT ALL TIMES! The recorded line will say what we are currently looking for, similar to the following example:

“Good Morning: Paul is looking for Caucasian, African American and Hispanic looking men, age range 18 to 60 looking for the movie “In Harms Way”. You must be clean-shaven and have military fatigues. If you fit this description, please call…”

Should you fit the description, you will call the number given on the recorded line and give only the first 5 digits of your Social Security number, your last name, name of the show, and the name of the casting director that placed the recording. When you speak to the director, they will input the first 5 digits of your social security number to view your profile photos. If you are told that you are not quite what they need for that show… don’t take it personally, the directors must answer to the production companies and they know exactly what they need. Simply hang-up and try calling later for a different show.

IF YOU DO GET THE JOB, you may be transferred to a tape that gives you all the necessary information for the job, or you may be asked to call the tape number at a later time. The number to access the information tape is 818-562-2966 and then put in your 4 digit tape number given to you at the time you were booked by the casting director, then the # sign. WRITE THIS INFORMATION DOWN!! Write down the: show name, who booked you, where and when to report, to whom you report, and Thomas Bros. Map coordinates and any Wardrobe information.

CALL THE WORK LINES OFTEN!! Only 5% of the work offered by casting is obtained by our calling you… so CALL THE WORK LINES OFTEN!! The recorded line is changed throughout the day, the best time to call is 2:00pm-8:00pm. The jobs are typically for the next business day (Monday for Tuesday work; Friday for Monday work, etc.) except on "rush calls" which are for work the same day you receive the call. This is usually to replace a "no show." When you respond to a rush call, know that you may be required to get to the set location within an hour or less after being booked.

After you have gained a reputation for being punctual and professional, and have worked for a casting director on a regular basis, you may request to call them on their private line. Remember it is private! It is for you only and you do not share this number with anyone. Should you be given a private line number, the best time to check-in is from 2:30PM to 6:00PM.


The base salary for non-union background work will vary depending on each individual job however the general base salary is $80.00 for 8 hours.

Your Responsibility

  • You must advise us immediately by phone if you have a change in phone number.
  • You must renew your registration every 3 years to keep your file current.  This will include taking a new picture.  No exceptions.
  • If you join SAG-AFTRA, you must come in to re-register with us as a union member.
  • Talent with Employment authorization cards/I-766: It is your responsibility to advise Central Casting if/when you obtain a new card with a different expiration date.


Non-Union Visiting Information

Non-Union Studios and Background Actors Parking Addresses