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When the director yells 'Action!' where will you be? Will you be at home watching background talent on your favorite show or will you be on the set, in the scene, and part of the action? Central Casting puts you in the picture. We hire thousands of background actors every day for all of your favorite shows. We give you the best chance to get on set and on screen. Explore this site to learn how to register with Central Casting and enter the exciting world of background acting today.


During the holidays, registration for Central Casting Los Angeles will be closed Monday, 12/22/14 through Friday, 1/2/15, resuming Monday, 1/5/15.  There will also be no Casting Director visiting during these two weeks.
  • Newly Registered Background Actors
    Your welcome packet is now accessible online.

  • Central Casting University
    Central Casting Los Angeles is pleased to offer enrichment classes for background actors who are registered with us and in good standing. In these two-hour sessions, you will have the opportunity to hear from and participate in a Q&A with an industry professional guest speaker.

    Central Casting 101 – The Background Actor covers the role of the background actor, what is expected on the set, and how to do the job like a professional in an interactive format.

    Central Casting 201 – The Stand-In presents an overview, including the technical side, of the stand-in actor role in an interactive format.

    The classes are offered at our Burbank Office on select days from 3:00-5:00pm. Due to the popularity of these sessions, the first 75 people who arrive will receive a pass to attend. Please do not wait in line if all passes are given out, but come back on another scheduled day. Attendance is voluntary and both new and experienced background actors will benefit from the information. You are welcome to attend the training classes once every six months.

    Please check back frequently for schedule updates.
    January 2015

  • Personal Health Benefits
    Central Casting background actors and production worker employees now have access to Personal Health Benefits.